Thomas Martin's An Overview of Classical Greek History from Homer to Alexander could help a lot as you prepare for the midterm and final exams.  The online edition of Martin's book has all sorts of helpful links.

You will also find all sorts of other useful information on Tufts University's Perseus Website.

For insight into some of the great heroes of Greek history, Plutarch is a very valuable source. It's well worth spending some of your study time reading through this excellent abridged version of Plutarch's Lives.

Aristides the Just is perhaps the greatest of Athenian statesmen.  He deserves more attention than he usually gets, or than I gave him in class.  This selection from Plutarch might aid in answering final exam question one:

 Life of Aristides

For more help on the final two study questions, check out the following selections from Plutarch:

 Life of Pelopidas
 Life of Alexander

You might find the following on-line selections from the Greek philosophers useful in preparing for the final exam:

 The Apology of Socrates (or listen to the Apology)
 Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Book I)
 Epictetus (and links to all sorts of other philosophers)
 Diogenes Laertius (Lots of fascinating stories from his "Lives of the Eminent Philosophers")

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