History 121 Lecture Notes

As I get time, I will post here my lecture notes.  Unfortunately, it takes at least three hours per lecture to get the notes ready for on-line presentation, so it will be some time yet before all the notes are avaible.  The final exam material is very nearly complete and fairly reliable.  Be sure, however, to read the relevant sections in Chodorow.  Never get your history from only one source. Getting more than one perspective is important!


Ancient Egypt
The Story of Ancient Israel
The Books of the Tanak (Old Testament)
India: A Road Not Taken?
China: A Road Not Taken?

 The Greek Dream  
 Greek Achievements I
 Greek Achirvements II: Drama 
 Greek Philosophy
 The Roman Republic
 Augustus and the Julio-Claudians
 Christianity in the Roman Empire

The Byzantine Empire 
 Western Europe in the Early and High Middle Ages
 The Late Middle Ages
 The Renaissance
 The Reformation