Though in some respects a relatively unimportant war, the War with Jugurtha was an important turning point in Roman history. In addition, the Jugurthine War is one of the most fascinating stories in Roman history.  Comment.

I.  Importance of War with Jugurtha
  A.  Ways in which Jugurthine War not very important
  B.  Reasons why Jugurthine War was an important war
II.  Prelude to War
  A.  Numidia and Rome: Masinissa and Micipsa
  B.  Dynastic problems: Hiempsel/Adherbal/Jugurtha
III.  Jugurthine War
  A.  Failure of nobles: Bestia, Albinus, Metellus
  B.  Marius takes command
  C.  End of War: Bocchus of Mauretania
IV.  Impact of War

"Mankind unreasonably complain of their nature, that, being weak and short-lived, it is governed by chance rather than intellectual power;[1] for, on the contrary, you will find, upon reflection, that there is nothing more noble or excellent, and that to nature is wanting rather human industry than ability or time.

The ruler and director of the life of man is the mind, which, when it pursues glory in the path of true merit, is sufficiently powerful, efficient, and worthy of honor,[2] and needs no assistance from fortune, who can neither bestow integrity, industry, or other good qualities, nor can take them away. But if the mind, ensnared by corrupt passions, abandons itself[3] to indolence and sensuality, when it has indulged for a season in pernicious gratifications, and when bodily strength, time, and mental vigor, have been wasted in sloth, the infirmity of nature is accused, and those who are themselves in fault impute their delinquency to circumstances.[4] If man, however, had as much regard for worthy objects, as he has spirit in the pursuit of what is useless,[5] unprofitable, and even perilous, he would not be governed by circumstances more than he would govern them, and would attain to a point of greatness, at which, instead of being mortal,[6] he would be immortalized by glory.

II. As man is composed of mind and body, so, of all our concerns and pursuits, some partake the nature of the body, and some that of the mind. Thus beauty of person, eminent wealth, corporeal strength, and all other things of this kind, speedily pass away; but the illustrious achievements of the mind are, like the mind itself, immortal."

       --Sallust's War with Jugurtha