History 413
Ancient Israel

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STUDY QUESTIONS                             
Midterm   I
  Introduction (Outline); Introduction (Notes)
  A Very Good Place to Start: Genesis 1-11
  A Strange Interlude: Approaches to the Torah
  The Road Out: Notes on Exodus
  As Moses Said in His Last Exciting Lecture: Notes on Deuteronomy

 Midterm   I
Midterm   II
 Heroes with Warts/Warts with Heroes: Joshua and Judges
 The Tragedies of Samuel, Saul, and David (I and II Samuel)
 The Tragedy of Solomon (I Kings 1-11)
 The Tragedies of Israel and Judah (I Kings 12 through II Kings)
Midterm   II
 Joshua and Judges
 I Samuel
 II Samuel
 I Kings
 II Kings

Final Exam
 Unedited notes on Amos
 Unedited notes on Isaiah (1)
 Unedited notes on Isaiah (2)
 Unedited notes on Ecclesiastes
 Unedited notes on Habakkuk
 Temple to Temple
 A feeble attempt at ex eventu prophecy
Final Exam
 Amos and Isaiah
 Job, Habakkuk, and Daniel
 Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, and Daniel


Tentative MT I Study Guide 
Tentative MT II Study Guide   
Tentative Final Exam Study Guide