History 122 Lecture Outlines and Notes

Each year, I am able to get more and more online.  The notes for most lectures (right hand column) are pretty complete now, though many typos and other errors remain.  Be sure also to look at the outlines (left hand column).  Sometimes, the summary will be more useful than the complete notes.  Also, the outlines occasionally have useful links *not* included with the notes.  I hope this material helps!  Please alert me to problems.

Outlines and Notes for Midterm One

Outlines and Notes for Midterm Two


Final Exam Outlines and Notes:

I.  19th Century Thinkers, Artists, and Writers (outline with links)
             Comte, Hegel, Darwin, Nietzsche, Marx (edited notes)
             Romanticism, Realism, and Dostoyevsky  (edited notes)
             Notes from Underground (edited notes)

II.  World War I (Outline with links)
             World War I (edited notes)

III.  Communism, Fascism, and National Socialism (outline with links)
            The Rise of Communism in Russian (edited notes)
            The Rise of Fascism in Italy (edited notes)
            The Rise of National Socialism in Germany (edited notes)

IV.  World War II and the Cold War
            World War II (edited notes)
            The Cold War (edited notes)          

V.  Break-up of Colonial Empires (outline and links)
            India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Uganda, Congo (edited notes)
            Vietnam and Cambodia (edited notes)

VI.  Twentieth Century Art, Music, and Literature (outline and links)
            20th Century Art, Music, and Literagure--and the Exciting Conclusion to This Course!  (edited notes)